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2019: New Years Resolutions

Delete Facebook – Done Write Five Days a week, 20 minutes or 500 words Send two correspondence emails a week Contribute to an open-source project Learn how to bake brioche Learn how to make puff pastry Let each kid help … Continue reading

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Musing – April 4th

Trade-offs are common on system design. You want to upgrade the system in one way, but by doing so you degrade it in another. This often leads to a conundrum of accessibility. You want a system to be functional and … Continue reading

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April 2nd Free Writing

We are attracted to contrast. Not attracted really – it’s more like we’re hard wired to pay attention to it. Like contrast is a bug in the neural network that runs our attention system. We can’t help but ascribe special … Continue reading

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GamerGate and Trump: A Systemic Analysis

Before you read this – especially if you aren’t familiar with the term “GamerGate” – you ought to read Matt Lee’s article on this subject in the Guardian. He’s a better writer than I am and he’ll give you a … Continue reading

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Z is for Zombie

It’s Halloween, and that means zombies! Or, at least symbolic representation of zombies using ASCII! Explore! Escape! And experience the true terror of the letter Z! I made this game because I love old-school ASCII roguelikes, but know too many … Continue reading

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Generating Documentation using Sphinx

Recently I’ve been working on a python project and decided to use the highly-praised Sphinx package to generate useful and beautiful documentation for it. Unfortunately I found Sphinx’s own documentation to be a somewhat lacking – which is kind of … Continue reading

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Three Kings

  I made Three Kings for the 2013 Holiday Game Jam by Glitch City. It’s an interactive exploration of one of my favorite Christmas carols: “We Three Kings of Orient Are.” I’ve worked on it since then, cleaning up the … Continue reading

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Psychology Books for Game Designers

A few months ago I saw a question on reddit (in the /r/gamedesign subreddit) asking about useful books on psychology for game designers. At the time I had just finished a book on Jung and had been thinking a lot … Continue reading

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Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve been inspired by stories of american slaves escaping north through the Underground Railroad. I built this game prototype to see how these stories could play out in an interactive experience. The build … Continue reading

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I’ve always been fascinated by simple pleasure found in physical play where the rules are enforced socially rather than mechanically. My kids have given me plenty of opportunities to experience this. This game is an experiment to see if rules … Continue reading

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