Z is for Zombie

Z is for Zombie

It’s Halloween, and that means zombies!

Or, at least symbolic representation of zombies using ASCII!





And experience the true terror of the letter Z!


I made this game because I love old-school ASCII roguelikes, but know too many people who are put off by how dense they are. Z is for Zombie captures the aesthetic of these games, but without the steep learning curve required to “see the matrix”

Also… because zombies

Z is for Zombie

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3 Responses to Z is for Zombie

  1. Michael Sherwood says:

    I enjoyed the game. Good level design. Definitely some tense moments. It took me a couple of play through´s to beat the last level.

  2. Jeff Fry says:

    Nice game and a good game to play on Halloween! I wish there was a leaderboard or some reward for collecting the kittens, I managed to save 29 but I don’t know if that’s all of them or not.

  3. maecenus says:

    Fun game, but it crashed on Google Chrome. Ran out of memory.

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