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GamerGate and Trump: A Systemic Analysis

Before you read this – especially if you aren’t familiar with the term “GamerGate” – you ought to read Matt Lee’s article on this subject in the Guardian. He’s a better writer than I am and he’ll give you a … Continue reading

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Z is for Zombie

It’s Halloween, and that means zombies! Or, at least symbolic representation of zombies using ASCII! Explore! Escape! And experience the true terror of the letter Z! I made this game because I love old-school ASCII roguelikes, but know too many … Continue reading

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Three Kings

  I made Three Kings for the 2013 Holiday Game Jam by Glitch City. It’s an interactive exploration of one of my favorite Christmas carols: “We Three Kings of Orient Are.” I’ve worked on it since then, cleaning up the … Continue reading

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Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve been inspired by stories of american slaves escaping north through the Underground Railroad. I built this game prototype to see how these stories could play out in an interactive experience. The build … Continue reading

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I’ve always been fascinated by simple pleasure found in physical play where the rules are enforced socially rather than mechanically. My kids have given me plenty of opportunities to experience this. This game is an experiment to see if rules … Continue reading

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One Button Mayhem

One Button Mayhem is Starcraft – simplified in to a one-button game. I made this custom map a few years ago based on my earlier game Squirrel Fight. My goals was to convey a full RTS experience in a one-button … Continue reading

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AR Experiments 1 and 2

I made these for the 2010 Game Developers Conference as an exploration into Augmented Reality – and a clever gimmick to make my business cards stand out. You play the games using a webcam and the QR code on my … Continue reading

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Squirrel Fight

I made Squirrel Fight for a one-button game competition in 2009. The idea for it hit me as I was riding my bike home one day and by that evening I had my first prototype. It’s an RTS game – … Continue reading

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Water Cooler

This one requires some explanation. In 2009 I was a new graduate student in the Interactive Media program at USC (now the Interactive Media and Games program). One night during our weekly seminar, Scott Fisher – head of the program … Continue reading

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